Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So far behind...

So we have been VERY busy lately. I had my birthday weekend of fun, the next weekend we moved, then the weekend after that we went to San Fran for a week! Needless to say, I haven't had much time to write! But I will do some catching up.

June 28th

This was my birthday extravaganza day! It was started off by an AMAZING trip on the Duck in Seattle. If you have never ridden on the Duck, I suggest you do. Leilani and Michael came along with us. We went at 10:30 and the weather was perfect. They drive you around the settle area telling you all about the city, and then they drive straight into the water by gas works park. We got an unobstructed view of the Seattle skyline from the water and got to see all the house boats on the lake. I still talk about how cool it was.

That night we went to Red Robin for my birthday dinner with a bunch of my friends! That is always fun. That was my 10th time having dinner at Red Robin for my birthday. Gotta love it!!

June 4th weekend

Thursday the 3rd, moving day. On how fun, right. We tried to get as much packed as we could during the week, but with parties, and just life, we weren't as packed as we would have like to have been. But between my family, Nathan's family and some great friends, we were able to have everything out of our apartment, into our town house by Friday.

We had a pretty laid back 4th, starting with a BBQ at my parents house. Our good friends Tyler and Fern with cute kids Mack and Henry came over for the day also. We played games, rode the moped and just had a good time hanging out. We then set off fireworks. We only had a few go off really close, including one that went off about 2 feet from all of us. I'm not sure if Tyler will ever set fireworks off with my family again.

Week and Weekend of July 7th

We try to unpack as much as we can so we can pack up to leave for San Fran (I will post about our trip in another blog after I get ALL the pics on our computer) I love being in a town house!! It feel so much more homey than an apartment. Plus, instead of their being about 80-100 apartments, there are only 20 town houses. And, there are 6 other couples that we go to church with who live in our complex.

Even with all the stress and excitement we have had, things are going really well. Sorry for the really long post without pics, I promise my next post will have lots of amazing pictures of our wonderful trip to San Fran!!