Monday, February 11, 2008

Tough Choices

Last week was a long week of hard decisions and trials. Long story short, I was offered a new job in Redmond, WA making more than I was making at my previous job. I like the job I have, but this job was going to provide me with some different opportunities and challenges. Nathan and I thought about all the pros/cons and went to the temple about it. We both felt that this was a good decision.

Tuesday is the day. I write a letter giving my 2-week notice, and go and talk with my supervisor. Of course I start crying, and she wants to know if I would be interested in a counter offer. I told her yes, and she went and talked with the president of the company. I go and call Nathan, balling, at work and tell him I don't know what to do! Now I was so confused, didn't know if I wanted to leave or stay and why I was even looking for a new job in the first place. My company decided to match the salary, and I will have more time off when I hit my 3-year mark and a paid pregnancy leave (no worries, not there yet...).

So, Nathan and I decided that it was better for me to stay where I am at. After all that, I'm staying. Trials have a funny way of coming into your life and really stretch your faith. There is no way I would have asked for a raise from my current employer. I guess I needed to be willing to give up something based on faith to get something in return.

I think I'm done with learning experiences for at least another week though.....

Monday, February 4, 2008

No more hair....

So about 2 weeks ago, I chopped my hair off. I mean, I cut about 10 inches off my hair! It's the shortest I have ever had my hair, except for when I was a baby and hair almost no hair. Its been fun trying to figure out how to do simple things, like putting my hair in a pony-tail. The first time I tried, it took me about 10 minutes! So, having short hair is fun and all, but it still takes a bit of work and getting used to. I will post a pictures of my hair as soon as I can get an extra cute picture taken.

Now with the pony tail that I have sitting in a bag at home (looks kinda weird), I am trying to figure out which program I want to donate it to. I only have about 10 inches, so that right there takes some of the organizations out of the running. I am still deciding, any suggestions?