Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving times 2!!

Because all of our family lives so close, we were able to have 2 thanksgiving meals! We had breakfast and lunch at Amy's parents house and then went over and had dinner at Nathan's parent's house. We both had to try and limit ourselves at both places, but only partly succeeded as there was way too much good food. During this time of thanks, we are both so thankful for having our families so close to us. There are many people that don't have anyone close by, so we count ourselves as lucky! We are also both so thankful to our Father in Heaven for allowing us to find each other and for the many fun and exciting experiences we have already had together. We can't wait for many, many more to come!

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B & A Hamm said...

Hey Amy, I tagged you on my blog, check it out! No worries if you dont want to do it but I decided, what the heck, no harm done! Glad to hear your thanksgiving was good! How was Daniel and Lauras wedding.