Friday, August 15, 2008

My wife thinks I won't do this.

Contrary to popular belief i do know how to put an entry into a blog. As of late my typing has been hindered from three stitches on my pinkie finger and two stitches on my middle finger, and to top it off the tip of my finger is broken. Now I try and do things as Amy would with my left hand and I'm not as versatile as I thought. How did it happen? Lets just say I had a disagreement with a 5 ton jack at work, and I came out a little worse for wear. Good thing I waited two days after our final softball game to mangle my hand. Softball this year was incredible!! We had the best team by far with a final record of 7-1 for the regular season. We lost our "playoff" game by a slim margin of 2, coming up just short on our last rally. My personal belief is that any softball team in that league is as good as the females who play on it. Most outfielders would come in shallow for the girls and play deep for the guys. I think our team was the only one where the outfielders didn't have to move. Every girl on our team could hit, run, throw, and play their position as good as anybody. We were short a few of our regular females for the last two games and ended up losing. That's softball according to Nathan anyway. All things considered life is good. Enjoying our new residence at the luxurious Crest view town homes. The amenities are fabulous and mimic the lifestyle of a 5 star resort.......almost. Anywho just thought I'd put in my two cents worth on the blog and show the blogging world I am real and not just the guy in the pictures next to the gorgeous redhead.
Signing off,

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Whitney and Allen Bennett said...

That's so cute. I swear my husband will NEVER write on the blog. I wish he would....

I hope everything is going well for you two. I bet it is really nice moving to a new place. I love love moving and getting settled again.

P.S. I really like your background....really cute!