Friday, February 4, 2011

not a 100% update

I know its been over a year since I have blogged, and there are many reasons for that. 1 being, who wants to hear week in and week out about me (Amy) working 50-70 hr weeks? I don't think that is too exciting. 2, the things we are doing either don't strike me as blogging material, or I forget to bring a camera and have no evidence of what we have done.
Anyway, I have good intentions is bring our blog back to life! Mostly because of this little bun in the oven that has family living all over the US who I'm sure will want to see pictures come his big arrival (March 7thish)

But, since we have done a few things since I blogged last, here are some pictures of things we have done (may not be in perfect chronological order):

Got the world's most awesomest 7 lb dog named Peanut! We are 110% obsessed with this dog!

Notice nathan's wedding ring around his 'ankle'

Saw my brother get married to a wonderful girl! She has been part of our family for a long time, but the wedding just made it official!! It was also the 2nd wedding that I did a big chunk of the wedding planning! Someday I hopefully will be able to do that as a full time mom-job!

Went to Disneyland, while 13 weeks pregnant! Went on all the rides and felt great! This little guy can never say he hasn't been to disneyland!

On the same trip to Cali, got stung by a sting ray while going boogie boarding for the 1st time (while pregnant mind you)

Hosted and cooked my first thanksgiving! It was just my sister, her hubby and my neice, with nathan and I for thanksgiving. We had a great feast!!

Fell in love with this most adorable little girl. My sister's daughter (my niece) Audrey Belle

Other things not pictured, Nathan is in the YM's presidency and I am an advisor in the YW's. We are loving those callings! We are also Apartment managers for a 52 unit complex. That plus school keep Nathan pretty busy.

Maybe before I have this kid I will get some pictures of me preggers.

Hopefully the 1st of many blog entries to come!

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Devanie said...

Glad you're back and can't wait to see updates! xo