Friday, March 18, 2011

1 month old!!

I seriously have a 1 month old?! How is that possible?! Well no matter if I believe it or not that's what we have here. Memphis is 1 month old!

If you remember from the post below, Memphis was born 6 lbs 3 oz. He gained 3 lbs in a month! That's crazy!! We are so happy he is healthy and growing like he should be!

Since we don't have our Mickey yet, we had to do some size reference with Peanut. Mind you he is only 7 lbs.

Our St Patties day outfit. I have a 1st st patty's day shirt, but it was too big and I was too tired to change his shirt just for a picture, after I had already put him in this. At least he was in green!!

We also had our first offiical family outing the other day! My sister was in town for the day with her in-law family so we decided to meet up with them at the aquarium. Unfortunately this is the only picture we have of the event. Memphis did a great job! He basically slept the whole time in the ergo. We love our ergo! So comfy for me and he was so snuggly in the infant insert!

Our next adventure, going to church for the 1st time!

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Courtney said...

He looks so much like Nathan in that first picture! I love the little feller!