Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So I was being really good at this whole blog thing, but then I got busy.....But I'm back! So I will give you a over view of the things that have happened since my last posting:

-My (Amy's) parents took the whole fam Damily to Disneyland for the big Christmas present this year!! It was Nathan's first time being there and we all had a blast! We spent 3 days at Disneyland/California adventure and then a day at Universal Studios. Nathan will tell you that he never gave Disneyland enough credit because he has a great time. Our favorite rides were Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion done up in Nightmare before Christmas, All of the 3D shows (Bugs life, Muppet's, Terminator, etc), Jurassic Park and the Tower of Terror, Twilight Zone. We needed a vacation after getting back, but it was a great vacation.

We did our annual gingerbread houses and carousal ride. This year Papa Doug and Grandma Betty came with us, we had a great time!
-Split the holidays between the 2 families. Smart people would have just done one day at one family and then other day at the other family. Oh no, we split both days with both families. Even thought we had a great time, I think this year we will try and not fit everything in!

-We were naughty and went to the New Years Eve party put on in Seattle for the Single adults. But we had Chris and Allison come with us so we didn't feel too bad. We watched the fireworks over the space needle. Needless to say, we weren't that excited about them, due to malfunctions, but we had a nice evening without them.
That pretty much takes us up to now, we are just getting back into the same old stuff. Nathan started his English class on the 6th and I am trying to keep myself busy while he is at school and while he is doing homework.

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B & A Hamm said...

I know what you mean about trying to stay busy while Nathans at school and doing homework. Braden's back in school and I am so bored some nights! Looks like you guys had a great holiday!

The Richins said...

Sounds like you guys had a great holiday! Try splitting time between three families. It's really hard. Someone always gets left out. Take care!!

Fern said...

Love the picture of you guys with Beetlejuice! I think I smell next year's Christmas card!

Julie K. said...

Awww..looks like you guys had an amazing holiday! .love all the pictures!!! Fun Fun