Saturday, April 19, 2008


Saturday night after helping our good friends move, we decided to go get pizza. But not just any pizza, Chicago style pizza from Wallingford Pizza house. Nathan has a co worker who is obsessed with different kinds of pizza and this is a place he highly recommended. So we decided to give it a shot.

This is how the website described itself. "Wallingford Pizza House is Seattle's only Classic Chicago Style Pizza House located in an old house (built around 1913) in the heart of the Wallingford district and situated snuggly between the two Guild 45th Theaters."

The pizza was great! We go 2 different kinds:

Nathan is modelling the dome. The DOME is their trademark pizza. It's upside down and it comes in a bowl. When she brought it to our table, she put the bowl upside down, and then pried the bowl out giving us what you see in this picture. It was almost more like pizza stew. Pretty yummy!!

This is the 'deep dish' or chicago style pizza. It also can be called a pie, because lets face it, it looks a lot like a pie. If you ever happen to go to this pizza place, I highly recommend the Tomato Basil pizza. That's what this one is and it was to die for! We had chicken added and I didn't want to stop eating it!!

All in all, we decided that this pizza place it very worthy of us returning to in the near future!

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