Friday, December 26, 2008

So long ago, but still blog worthy

Before Halloween (so long ago, but our we finally got a card reader for our camera) we went to a corn maze out in Snohomish with our friends Soren, Kylee and Michael and Megan. We decided to not do the haunted maze, and just stick to the one you are supposed to get lost in. I think we went the 'normal ways' for about 20 min, then it turned into total chaos.

Bad picture, but this was taken right before going into the maze.

Taking a break before we started goofing off.

the guys decided it would be a great idea to see who could launch the corn husks the farthest. Minor detail, it was really dark and couldn't see them once they were like 5 feet away. But that didn't spoil their fun.

Soren jumping in on a nice self portrait

We decided to challenge the boys to a race to see who could get out of the maze first, Guess who won!!

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