Monday, July 20, 2009

The down low

SO, I have been a HUGE slacker with my blog, but I like to think I have pretty good reason too.  We have been CRAZY busy lately and things are only just barely starting to slow down.

Here is a list of things that are going on:
 -biggest on the list, my family is moving to San Diego!  My dad is down there already, he started working on the 12 of July at the San Diego airport.  So, we have been helping my parents get their house ready to sell

- We also moved a month ago.  An opportunity came up that we couldn't pass up!  A block, and I do really mean a block, away from where we are living there is another town house complex that needed an onsite manager.  And to make a long story short, we moved in to be the managers!!  That has taken up most of our time lately, with people moving in, moving out, and there was a huge back log of work to be done before we even moved in!!!  But things are starting to slow down a little bit.  Some day we can have time to hang out with people.

-4th of July we went to a family reunion in Utah, or as nathan likes to call it, the mother land.  It was for the family on my dad's side.  It was so wonderful to see family, some of which I haven't seen in years.  And some that nathan hasn't even met.  

-Work has been crazy!  I feel soooooo lucky to have such an amazing job.  I have been bless a thousand times over!  I have a ton more responsibility and what I do makes such an impact on everything that is done here, but the best part of it all...... they appreciate the hard work that I do and recognize when I have done things.  I know, you would think that is a duh thing, but when you work at a place for 3 years and you don't get those things, its so wonderful when you feel needed.

Sorry another long post with a run down on things.  I will hopefully have something more exciting with some pictures soon.  When we finally get unpacked I will take pics of our new place!!!

3 peanut gallery:

Courtney said...

thank you for not slacking on your blog as you have for way too long. can't wait to see the final touches on your blog!!

oh, and not all of your family is moving to cali, i might just be moving a couple hours away.

Courtney said...

aaah! I love it!

The Palmer's said...

i love the new background! I'm glad your still in the ward. When things settle down we should do a game night at your new place!! (yes, I guess I just invited myself over...)