Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Trip to California!

Nathan and I took the opportunity to go down to california while nathan was on spring break! Let me tell you, flying with with a baby (5 weeks old) basically means you have to pack at least half of your house plus a few extra things. Oh did I mention that we decided to take peanut? So going thru security we had peanut, his carrier, memphis, his carrier, my diaper bag, Nathan's backpack, my boppy, AND our stroller. After going thru security I swear I needed a shower from all the sweat! How do people do this?! But Memphis did great on the flight, no complains there!

Being in California with a baby was much different then the other times we have gone down. This trip was much more low keep, but we were all ok with that. We just spend a lot of time with my parents. But that's why we went down there, to just be in California and be with my parents.

Because he is so freaking cute!

Seal beach, all of those long dark things are Seals, like over 50!

"Pappy Stevenson" With the little dude

Enjoying our time in the car seat

Bahahaha, so freaking cute!!

Outdoor organ at Balboa (spelling?) park pretty cool to watch and hear

Close up. the biggest pipe is over 30 feet tall, the smallest is about the size of a pencil.

Granny Stevenson with Memphis

Sunset Cliffs

Enjoying dinner on the Cliffs watching the sunset

We had a great time and can't wait to go back!!

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