Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I love the kids, but not THAT much

So Nathan and I are still in the nursery, and we love the kids in there. But we don't love getting sick from being in there! I think this is the 5th time we have gotten sick from the kids in the nursery. And its the same thing everytime. Sore throat, tired, dizzy, etc. Your run of the mill cold.

We have the kids use hand sanitizer, we try not to have them put toys in their mouths, but to no avail. Any suggestions on how not to get sick? Any would be great, I can't be missing work every other week!!

5 peanut gallery:

Sarah said...

Ban sick children from the nursery. I (not being a mother and perfectly able to stand on my soap box) think it's inconsiderate bring sick kids to church. They just infect everyone else.

Misty's Blog said...

When I was working at the daycare we took large plastic bins and filled them with water and bleach and soaked all the toys we could over night which seemed to help cut down on germs. I agree with Sarah above, ban the sick kids. It's not fair to everyone else!

Fern said...

I think you know how I feel... but I'll say it again for the blog:)
As a mom of a kid in your nursery--Kick out the sick kids! Seriously. I would not be at all offended if Mack was taken out of nursery for coughing or a runny nose. Honestly, sometimes I don't notice it as much as other people do. Blame it on Sunday morning or bad parenting, whatever. If somebody in nursery thinks a kid could be passing on germs to other people in there, send the kid on to class with the parents. Any parent that would make a big deal out of it is just being too sensitive (or insensitive, depending on how you look at it).
There, now that I've taken over your post...Can't wait for our last Tap class tonight!

Braden & Amanda said...

I agree, I will never send my sick kids to nursery or any other class for fear they would get someone elses little ones sick too or in your case the teacher wich is just sad! Hope you feel better soon!

ThanBon said...

In lieu of kicking out the sick kids...or in addition to doing that...I heard using Zicam at the first sign of a cold does wonders. There is also Emergency C Vitamin Supplement. I will probably be stocking up on these myself since I am now in Sunbeams. Good luck