Thursday, April 16, 2009

A milestone in our marriage

there are certain events that I would qualify as a milestone in marriages.  The first year anniversary, first fight, first house, first child, etc.  

Well 2 nights ago we hit our a big one.  Nathan slept on the couch for the first time.  One would ask why in the heck I would tell the world that my husband slept on the couch.  That usually mean we had a big fight and I wouldn't let him sleep in our bed.  Well that's not the case.  

We had been watching TV and nathan started to fall asleep on the couch.  It was getting late so I suggested we go to bed and this is how our conversation went

N: I'm going to sleep on the couch.
I thought he was being funny
A: that's fine with me.
started to gather my things to go upstairs.
N: will you charge my phone for me please?
A: wait, are you serious about sleeping down here
N: Yeah, I said I was going to sleep down here
A: Oh, I thought you were joking, sure I'll charge your phone, don't you need an alarm.
N: Sure, you can set it for 7, and I'll wake up when you are getting ready.

We are so weird, so he really slept on the couch all night while I enjoyed the middle of our queen bed all night long, with a heating pad so I didn't freeze to death.  Ahhh, the joys of being married.

5 peanut gallery:

The Palmer's said...

This is hilarious. Remember the dating days when we couldn't wait to be married so we COULD sleep in the same bed?

Fern said...

Amy, this is the saddest milestone I've ever heard of. You guys are not some old couple that needs separate bedrooms! For goodness sake! Sleep together:)!

Auntie Ellen said...

Josh and I think these nights are kind of fun. They happen maybe twice a year, it's like a sleepover in reverse.

Ty said...

That is too funny! I don't know how sleeping on the couch could have been more comfortable than the bed, but what ever works!

Devanie said...

Ha ha! That's just too funny! Sam's actually done the same EXACT thing- it cracks me up! Actually, I was ticked off at hm over it because I felt like a reject or something... I mean, who wouldn't want to share a bed with me?! K, that probably sounds bad... anywho... It was way too cold for me too, and I let Sam have it the next morning- he was in BIG trouble for being too lazy to move!