Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cute Puppy!

My sister and husband are in Vegas and we are very jealous. Nathan talks all the time about wanting to go back. So while they are gone my family and me are taking care of their cute little (not really little) Great Dane puppy. He's name is Zeus and I am in love with him. He has been my little pal for the past 2 days. So let me tell you a few fun things we have done.

Look at those ribs! You would think he was starving, but he eats a lot! ( And he is the size of a small boxer at about 2 months old, crazy!!)
-Zeus has been sleeping in our bed with us and for some reason likes to be closer to Nathan which bugs the heck out of me, and him.
Playing with a water bottle with rice in it, like a toy he had at home.
-Around 5:30 when he thinks it a good time to start playing, I move down with him to the couch so nathan can sleep a little more before going to work. This morning we stayed on the couch til about 9. He was sleeping in the crook of my legs with his head on my hip. I about died it was so cute. I had started to fall asleep again, but was woken up from a really weird sound. Zeus was barking a weird little bark in his sleep and him whole little body was twitching. He was going to catch whatever he was chasing!
How could you not love this face and HUGE ears?!
-Yesterday I took him for a walk down a semi-busy street to get to a fun little park. It took us twice as long to get there because did you know how scary trucks and buses are?!! He had to stop, run away from the street, sit and watch them go by. So funny!
first try to have him sit for a picture
- Right by our town house is a little forest area. I took him on a little walk without the leash. He was in heaven! He would run down the little path, then wait for me to catch up to him, wait for me to pet him, the run off again.
Him attacking me while trying to take a picture.
Thanks for coming and playing with me Zeus! Hope you can come back soon and play!

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Courtney said...

YAY!! Thanks for not only taking him and keeping mom happy, but for also writing this blog because I missed my little boy!! Oh I'm so glad he's having so much fun with you guys!! I hope he hasn't made too many... ahem... stains at your apartment! Love ya sis! Thanks again!

Courtney said...